Wednesday, March 17, 2010

working out on something

It's been busy time for the past 3 months. Going out of the town,leaving my Amber behind for days for almost everyweek is just something not fun to do. Everytime i come back, she'll be crying and hugging me madly and wouldn't want me to be out of her sight....she'll be following me everywhere i go, even to the washroom. Nobody can carry her if i'm around.
With so much thing to be reorganize at work and even myself (yeah, i need to reorganize my routine), i hope to go for holiday this year end....where to? dunno yet...but i think i want put things everything in place by august and just regularize the work routine by then and go for holiday....

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 here we are!

Happy New Year to you all....
I'm back to work from holi,jolly holiday....It was fun to meet the cousins and drank Michael Jackson....yeah it's black and white. Actually didnt spend much time hanging out with all cousins, everybody have their own agenda...but at least we did gathered on xmas and new year. Prepared gift from them...and as usual i was so excited to see them opening the presents. My daughter and my nephew received the most! and now the hse full of toys!...and Amber have lots of dresses to choose!...i think the dresses are enough for many occassions for whole 2010!
I baked 10 cakes,fruit cakes and prune cakes....and its all gone
I'm no expert but just in bake craze mood....added rum to some of those cake and it tasted nice!
Went to Miri to attend wedding and i kinda tired of the daughter doesnt want anyone to carry her...except me. She scared to walk as she know nobody around her...
Eating, eating and eating has been always the main agenda year end holiday... but this time i think i ate less than last last year. Ahakkkksss...but i guess still enough to make me put on weight! Yikes!

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Moon!

Watched New Moon last night....I prepared for my worse expectation since i read some negative critics from E!....but it turn out to be the opposite....Love it!...of course its not the best of the best but since i haven't read the novel....My curiosity was on high as it was hard for me to predict and at one point i sucked in my full fat tummy, nervous on what will happen next! the 'beautiful' vampires and wolves....heheheheh..Bella stupidity was entertaining too...
The sequel, i guess better than the first.

It's December, Tomorrow

This is one of my favourite month of the year apart from October....tomorrow is December...which means, Christmas is around the corner. I haven't put up the Christmas tree yet even though i promise to my nephew and my daughter that i will put it up yesterday but i was so lazy and tired. I'll try to do it today.
My nephew have been singing jingle bell song since last week....and sometimes we become the victim to sing it for daughter will dance and try to pluck his finger (her dad taught her that) when she hears my nephew sing. And that entertain the whole house.
December, apart for the extra money spending month, it will be special as the month becomes an official month for most family to get together...kinda annual general meeting...and this is the time we eat lots and lots of cakes, meat and liquoring! and this is the month where i get extra kgs! argghhh....I can't wait to meet, joke and gossip around with my cousins and aunties.....
Anyway, before i can enjoy all of these, i need to get my office workload done first!Arghhhh...crucial month in the office...budget! budget! budget!....workplan! workplan!workplan!....and i never did this before...i learnt that i cant rush to do the workplan...need time to think, think, think, observation and study, study study....arghhhhhh....
Next week i will be off with my family to some place, attending something and after xmas, My hubby and I, together with our daughter,will be heading to Miri to attend at least two weddings. Hope to get home right before new year....BBQ!!!!yummy food!